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The International Permaculture Association was founded in 2013 to provide a global organization to serve the global permaculture community and promote the advancement of the principles, ethics, and application of permaculture design through the active restoration and rehabilitation of the earth’s soils, ecosystems, water cycle, and atmosphere by a multidimensional and strategic approach of unified global earth stewardship. By organizing into local sustainable communities, and uniting as a global nation with a common purpose of restoring and caring for the earth though permaculture design principles and practices, we can accelerate the healing of ourselves and our planet, and provide a quality of life that is unattainable within the current political, economic, agricultural, social, and industrial systems that currently exist in human society. Small systems are innately manageable at a local level and are exponentially more efficient than large systems, and exponentially less wasteful, with the potential of producing zero waste, infinitely productive and indefinitely sustainable. Without the organizations and legal structures to facilitate these small systems and communities, this goal may prove to be an impossible task, but with them, they may allow us to create an alternative to the destruction of, and total annihilation of life on our planet. The more connected and organized we become, the more we can accomplish in less time, and with less effort. This fact alone justifies the creation of an International Permaculture Association, as well as national and bioregional permaculture associations to facilitate political and local changes that will assist in the creation of sustainable communities while also providing support to those who are transitioning to, or currently practicing a sustainable lifestyle.


Matthew Stephens (USA) Dan Carroll (USA) Asta Jankune (UK) Nathan Shannon (UK) Pancho Mcfarlane (USA) Adrian Baxt-Dent (Australia) Shane Musetter (USA) Ho Phui Ling (Malaysia) Judy Chua (Malaysia) Marcus Bahamout Koe (Singapore) Bharat Mansata (India) Vickie Gunn (USA) Malik Coburn (USA) Sudhiranjan Mandal (India) Christopher Shien (USA) Mike Hoag (USA) Matt Limm (Malaysia) Eco Chamindra (Sri Lanka) Cheryl Williamson (USA) Jonathan Roe (Canada) John Nzira (South Africa) Dennis Hamilton (USA) Kelsey Holstrom (USA) Aida Diane Stearns Matthews (Australia) Zach Ellsworth (USA) Peter Geirnaert (Belgium) Astrid Bohna (Mexico) Eva Noel Emery (USA)

There are lots of free permaculture resources available from our sister site, the Earth Care Library. You can visit this by clicking on the image below.

If you would like to support the work we do please consider making a donation to the Earth Reforestation Project. To find out more about this project, follow the link at the bottom of the page.

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